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So you are ready to take your Health + Wellness
to the Next Level ...

I'm excited to be your guide.

Do essential oils really work? This is a question I often get asked, the truth is everyone's experiences are different, and valuable, and powerful. I will make sure you have full access to education, resources, and all the tools you need to integrate 100% pure and potent essential oils into your daily life so you and your loved ones (pets included) can reap the benefits … are you ready?

There are 3 ways to purchase dōTERRA.

  1. Retail Cost (no one really buys retail though because it is the most expensive way to purchase dōTERRA, and you don't get any education or support with your oils!).
    Click here to shop Retail. Then, click on "Shop."

  2. Wholesale Cost This option is great if you'd like to "Build your own Starter Package." You start with an Enrolment fee ($42 Cdn) and you add on whatever you'd like.
    Click here to shop Wholesale. Be sure to click on the country where you reside (where you'd like your order to be shipped). You'll see some amazing deals as you scroll this page!


  3. Wholesale Cost with a Bonus If you're anything like me, and you're interested in the best deal possible—then this option is for you. You get to choose from any of dōTERRA's great starter kits. Bonus? The enrolment fee is free! Scroll down to check out your options!

Not sure how or where to start?
Keep scrolling! You got this!


Before placing your order,
please ensure ...

  1. you have Anita MacArthur as your Wellness Advocate (ID# 10326240).

  2. select your region / language (for international Starter Kits, please reach out to Anita for help!)

PS: If you need help deciding which Starter option is best for you and your Loved Ones' needs, as well as your budget, let's chat.


Reach out for support or email me:

Connect with Anita!

I'm always here to help. When you place your order, you become part of our doTERRA community, and we get to meet 1:1 virtually to go through your oils! I like to call this a "Wellness Consult"—this is where I'll familiarize you with all the pure and potent oils you just welcomed into your life!

When you're all set up, send me a message (or email). I have some goodies to send you with your Welcome package to help get you started creating with your oils!

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